Orion Richey Sculptor With A Vision

I fabricate colorful metal SPIRALS


As the Sculptor Orion Richey, I created Orion Sculptures to Inform designers, architects, galleries, art connoisseurs and buyers about my Contemporary Sculptures, I call Orion Spirals. My vision is to create rigid spiral sculptures - strong enough to withstand the outdoors yet elegant enough to beautify the interior living space. My sculptures are displayed outdoors in gardens, landscaped yards, urban environments and indoors. I make sculpture by cutting spiral patterns from plate steel then fabricate, machine, weld and paint. Dynamically fabricated then powder coat painted, Orion Sculptures is creative metalwork that discovers and shows the elegance and beauty of the Multi-Arm SPIRAL.

DSC_2827 (3)

made in usa

  • I make colorful spiral sculptures for the garden, landscaped yard, urban environment and indoors
  • Using specially designed patterns, tools, metalworking techniques and computer aided design, I artfully design, form and fabricate spiral sculptures - Made in USA for the 21st Century


  • Steel Plate is hard, heavy and durable
  • Withstands wind, rain and snow
  • Powder Coat Painted for long term weather resistance

Spiral Styles

DSC_2207 (3)

Facet Spiral

Straight sections reflect light and pattern

DSC_2958 (3)

Smooth Spiral

Streamlined and continuous reveals subtle highlights

DSC_1616 (2)


larger focal area or Plane encompassed by the spiral often with holes


Primal Spiral

Based on primal numbers & creative curvation


Elevate the Spiral with a Contemporary Base


Zig zag, Flow, Wave & Diamond

  • The 4 basic patterns  used for all my bases
  • Spiral attaches on top w/ threaded bosses
  • Each piece 43" tall x 8" round base
  • Mounting holes for 3/8" hardware
  • Weight varies by thickness  3/8" = 15 lbs
  • Welded and Powder Coat Painted any color
DSC_2948 (3)


  • Custom Designed Bases = Art Technic
  • Variations on the 4 basic patterns
  •  Heavier, Broader, Open
  • This piece 52" tall x 12" round base
  • Mounting holes for 1/2" hardware
  • Weight varies by thickness 1/2" = 45 lbs
  • Welded and Powder Coat Painted any color
DSC_0136 (4)

Base plates

  • Shapes: round, triangular, polygonal
  • Strong, Durable, Weather Resistant
  • Steel thickness to 5/8"
  • This piece 55" tall x 16" round base
  • Mounting Holes for 1/2" hardware
  • Weight varies by thickness 1/2" = 70 lbs
  • Welded and Powder Coat Painted any color