Orion Richey Sculptor With A Vision

I fabricate colorful metal

Orion Spirals™    


Sculptor Orion Richey, fabricates metal Orion Spirals™ to meet the market for customized and unique sculptures  of various sizes and designs. Architects, interior designers, sculpture walks, galleries, and art connoisseurs utilize contemporary Orion Spirals™ in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings.  My vision is to create rigid spiral sculptures - strong enough to withstand the outdoors yet elegant enough to beautify the interior living space.

DSC_2827 (3)

made in usa

  • I make colorful spiral sculptures for the garden, landscaped yard, urban environment and indoors
  • Using specially designed patterns, tools, metalworking techniques and computer aided design, I artfully design, form and fabricate spiral sculptures - Made in USA for the 21st Century


  • Steel Plate is hard, heavy and durable
  • Withstands wind, rain and snow
  • Powder Coat Painted for long term weather resistance

orion Spiral™ designs 

DSC_2207 (3)

Facet Spiral

Straight sections reflect light and pattern

DSC_2958 (3)

Smooth Spiral

Streamlined and continuous reveals subtle highlights

DSC_1616 (2)


larger focal area or Plane encompassed by the spiral often with holes


Primal Spiral

Based on primal numbers & creative curvation

Art technic™ BASEs 

Elevate the Spiral with a Contemporary Base


Zig zag, Flow, Wave & Diamond

  • The 4 basic patterns  used for all my bases
  • Spiral attaches on top w/ threaded bosses
  • Each piece 43" tall x 8" round base
  • Mounting holes for 3/8" hardware
  • Weight varies by thickness  3/8" = 15 lbs
  • Welded and Powder Coat Painted any color
DSC_2948 (3)

combined design

  • Custom Designed Bases = Art Technic
  • Variations on the 4 basic patterns
  •  Heavier, Broader, Open
  • This piece 52" tall x 12" round base
  • Mounting holes for 1/2" hardware
  • Weight varies by thickness 1/2" = 45 lbs
  • Welded and Powder Coat Painted any color
DSC_0136 (4)

Base plates

  • Shapes: round, triangular, polygonal
  • Strong, Durable, Weather Resistant
  • Steel thickness to 5/8"
  • This piece 55" tall x 16" round base
  • Mounting Holes for 1/2" hardware
  • Weight varies by thickness 1/2" = 70 lbs
  • Welded and Powder Coat Painted any color